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Design & Procurement

We aim to give you what you need, but also to bring something to the table, ideas and alternatives, to enhance and improve your own thought, but also to delight and surprise you with designs that may never have occurred to you.

We provide the traditional architects role from inception to completion. Listening to your needs and developing the brief, through designing your building and obtaining Local Authority Approvals, to procuring the works from a contractor and monitoring and administering the contract itself, and of course certifying the completion and providing warranties if required.

The service can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. As you might imagine projects vary tremendously so we can't really give you any sort of standard costs for the service. But don't worry, give us an hour of your time to discuss your needs and we should have enough information to establish a fixed price quote.

At present there is no charge and no obligation for this first 1hr consultation.

Drawings Only

Many customers ask us to provide what we refer to as our 'drawings only' service. A cut down version of the traditional full service it's perfectly suited to householders wanting extensions or similar small works and using a reliable and recommended local builder. We also provide drawings only to developer clients who are building for profit and use the NHBC or Zurich warranty schemes.

We provide a two stage design. The first to a schematic level which allows us to make a planning application. Once we have the comfort of planning approval we do a more detailed set of drawings which we use to apply for building regulations approval. Once a customer has both these Local Authority approvals the final drawings are used by the customer to obtain prices and for the successful builder to build from.

As with full service there is no charge at present for up to the first 1hr consultation.

Development Appraisal

We have a great deal of experience of assessing sites, carrying out quick sketch plans, and consulting with your Local Authority to determine the viability of your development ideas. We've appraised all manner of sites from single plots on large rear gardens, to re-development of old pub and garages, as well as the more conventional green field sites. Commonly done ahead of a more detailed development proposal, but sometimes carried out just to increase the value of land that a client wishes to sell. We've assessed the potential for housing as well as speculative industrial units.

Environmental Design

We've always been interested in environmental issues, being a core part of the curriculum from David's days at De-Montfort University. But it has been difficult at times to persuade developers ad private clients alike to incorporate the necessary measures or change their designs. More recently customer's attitudes have changed, and with the introduction of legislation like the "Code for Sustainable Homes" there is now a greater demand and a greater interest in producing green designs. So whether you want an environmentally improved conventional design, or a more contemporary design that grows out of environmental issues, we can help. We intend to complete a training course to allow us to be listed on The Green Register of environmentally aware consultants. Hopefully by late spring we will also be registered assessors under the Code for Sustainable Homes, and this is a service we intend to offer both on it's own as an assessment of other designers dwellings as well as an integral part of our own designs.

3D Imaging

We are increasingly using ArchiCAD, a powerful 3D modelling programme which allows you to view your building from all angle both inside and out, we can make full 3D cross sections, spin the design around, zoom in and out and with a little more practice create walkthroughs. The graphics and textures are a little limited, but if you need more photo-realistic images ArchiCAD provides a great basic model for more powerful software packages to develop, rather than starting from scratch. Our 3D model of a chapel conversion was recently featured on TV's "Homes Under the Hammmer" programme."

Certification & Warranties

Unlike many 'architectural designers' we as a chartered RIBA practice and with David as a registered and chartered architect have the ability to issue completion certificates and co-lateral warranties. A co-lateral warranty transfers our duty of care from you as our client to any subsequent purchaser of your building for a period of up to 10 years. Many lenders require such warranties as a condition to providing a mortgage, many businesses require such warranties before they sign a lease. Please note other warranty schemes are available from organisations such as the NHBC or Zurich.


As office juniors at the start of a career you seem to do nothing but measure up buildings and land for your architect bosses to start design work on. We still provide this service. We believe that it's an important part of understanding a building or site before moving on to design that conversion, extension or new house. We produce plans, elevations, cross sections and site plans depending on what the project requires. Sometimes the building/land is too large and/or complex for us and we pass this work on to a dedicated surveying company with whom we have a long standing working relationship.

Brief Development

Many customers know what they want and their brief to us is short and clear. They know exactly how many rooms of what size, where they are to go and how much money they have to spend. More commonly though people have only a vague idea, or sometimes even only a lifestyle or business aspiration. We can help you figure out what you want and what you can afford. We write it down perhaps including a few diagrams and sketches and this becomes the basis of the project. It's not set in 'tablets of stone' and many customers change their minds. Quite often during the design process an idea occurs to us and with your approval the project changes direction. But without a starting point it can be difficult to get going - or even for us to give you a quote for our service.

We like to give you what you need, but also to bring something to the table, ideas and alternatives.

These are local consultants who we work with, trust and highly recommend to our customers :-

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Structural and Civil Engineer - David Bayliss Consulting -
Town Planning Consultant - Planning Design Practice -
Building Regulations - Malcolm Fuller Associates -
JLO Interior Designer

Quantity Surveyors (building cost consultants):
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