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New Builds and Conversions

Nether Lane, Kirk Ireton

A very modern open plan interior housed within a traditional form with a contemporary twist. Currently on site now and scheduled for completion in the Summer 2009, call back every few weeks to view progress. A very difficult planning application for what will become the last building plot in this very desirable Derbyshire village. We overcame a barrage of local objections to obtain an approval through a great deal of very positive negotiations with the Local Planning Authority. A difficult site too, very steeply sloping, the house will appear as a bungalow on the rear, but a full two storeys at the front. We're rather proud of this one and can't wait to see it finished. Approx project value approx £200k

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Quarndon View, Allestree

A very traditional styled 5 bed roomed home built on the rear half of the clients former home. He moved in and sold his old place for more than the cost of building this new one. Approx project value approx £120k at 2002 prices.

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Ryknield Hill, Denby

One of our favourite designs. This ultra modern design was granted planning permission but unfortunately never got further than the plans and models shown here. Our client moved abroad to sunnier climates to be with her family.

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Queens Drive, Belper

A 4 bedroom house with a beautiful double height entrance gallery overlooking a dining hall. Looks like a bungalow from front and rear, but it's a full two storey house built into the hillside of a steeply sloping site. Approx project value approx £150k

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St David's Close, Ironville

One of the biggest houses we've designed, at 5 bedrooms and over 4,000ft. It was designed for a local housing developer in very traditional forms and materials at the end of one of his own cul-de-sacs. Approx project value approx £170k.

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Conversion of old buildings is far more difficult than it used to be even only a couple of years ago. Planning rules now make many derelict barns unsuitable for approval. New Building Regulations make it more difficult and expensive to re-use old buildings. That said with proper professional advice and some imagination, old barns and chapels produce some of the most unique new homes to be found.

Barn Conversion, Draycott

Absolutely stunning ! The barns were in two wings, a long low arm attached to a shorter two storey main block. We left the brickwork and king post roof trusses exposed in the huge single storey family room, which turns the corner into a double height lounge with a bridge link overhead to access the fourth bedroom. Externally little changed, we re-used the existing openings wherever possible, though we did persuade the planners to allow us to open up a 4m high cart opening that had previously been bricked up. Project value approx £300k

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Chapel Conversion, Denby

Just started on site by a young couple of self builders. This design was fully modelled in 3D and featured on TV's "Homes Under the Hammer" A beautiful soaring single volume building, partly filled with a new mezzanine, we maintained the full height 3D space to a dining hall just inside the front door. With an open galleried living room looking across the internal void to a curved 7m high wall and a new rear sunken garden this will be a superb home upon completion.

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Chapel Conversion, Hognaston

Hardly any different on the roadside, again preserving the full two storey high internal space. This conversion required some rear extensions to provide bathrooms and a rear lounge, but also to create a first floor corrider to by pass the central void and gain access across to the fourth bedroom.

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Garage Conversion, Breaston

This concrete block garage had a flat roof made of corrugated cement sheets. It's still there at the heart of this conversion ! We surrounded it in brick additions and a blue clay tiled roof, then we linked it to the main house with a fully glazed corridor. Visually separate but functionally connected. Quite old now bit still one of our proudest achievements - we still can't believe that the planners initially refused permission for this !

We've been commissioned again by the same clients and obtained planning permission for a contemporary glazed extension to infill the kitchen courtyard. Due to be built this Summer - check back for some images

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Integral Garage Ecclesbourne Meadows Duffield

One of our smallest projects, but we're still proud of it. A conversion of one half of an underused double garage into living accommodation. Along with a few minor internal alterations made for a much more spacious entrance hall and a lovely big open plan kitchen/family room

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Loft Conversion Ford Lane Allestree

Never sure whether to put loft conversions into the extension sector, but this one was more conversion than extension. As you'll see from the photographs it's nearing completion. Check back in a few weeks once the scaffolding is removed.

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Stables Conversion, Findern

An L-shaped range of stables, we converted this to a games room and gym including toilets and shower room, but using a circular entrance lobby at the junction of the two wings. A unique feature that allowed us to omit corridors, so making the design both beautiful and space efficient. Project value approx £70k at 2000 prices

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